Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One year older and wiser too...

Happy Birthday to you (DAD/GRANDPA!) We hope you have a fabulous day!

One story about my dad that will help you know how great he is: I was in Chicago for a internship when I was 22. I drove there by myself from Rexburg in September. Four months later, I was going to drive home by myself also, but since the weather was bad, my dad flew out to Chicago, just to turn around and drive three days back to California with me.

I have NEVER been on such terrible roads, there were cars that had slid off the road every few miles. It was a three day drive home and I was sooo grateful that he would come and get me, keep me safe, and listen to the Harry Potter books on CD with me and be so selfless!

At one point we stopped at a store, and it was snowing so my dad dropped me off at the door while he went and parked. This didn't surprise me because he is the most considerate person you have ever met! I was used to him doing this sort of thing all growing up, but this considerate action was in stark contrast to how I had been treated by a guy I dated in Chicago. From that moment on in my dating life I looked for the type of guy who would do things like drop off others at the door while they went and parked!

I have many stories like this about my dad, he is amazing!! (And a fabulous grandpa)

Love ya Dad!!

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Eloy and Andrea said...

You're dad is a pretty amazing man. You're relationship with him is so cute. And I bet he just adores you because you're his only daughter :) Happy Birthday to him! <3