Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 - I grew up hearing the story that when I was little I was a Binky addict, so eventually to give them up, my parents had me give them to the fish which I loved! Well Brynne must be a little like me because she has also been a extreme Binky addict and loves fish, so the other day we headed to the nearest steam and Brynne threw these things away that her dr. said are starting to shift her teeth. I think it was just as hard for me to say goodbye to those things that saved my life in the car and during nap time for so long. BUT she has done really well and every time she wants her Binky we let her watch the video of her throwing them to the fish and she is satisfied that they must have really needed them, and I'm sure they did!

2 - We have moved! It was soo much more work than I was anticipating! Packing and cleaning with two kids and a husband who is hard at work is more than a quick job! But thanks to some great friends who took the kids for a awhile we got it done! We are going to miss living in our old neighborhood and ward tons, but we had simply out grown are place there.

3. I just realized this is a Brynne post too...I will have to do a Dane post soon. Anyways she got a misquito bite right next to her eye on Sunday and it just keeps getting more and more swollen. We may take a Dr. visit soon. She also had a rough first Sunday in her new nursery class where she ran into the corner of something and has a large gash on her forehead, poor little girl!

Nice granny panties...but they are helping somewhat with the potty training!

4. We are renting a much bigger house and we are so excited! Some things we are going to love about it are the fenced back yard with a gorgeous view, garden and families of quail living in it. The great bsmt for storage, the sleep we are getting with Brynne and Dane having there own rooms, two bathrooms, and so much more! We are grateful we found this house to rent for awhile!


Kirk and Dynelle said...

Cute new house! Nice big kitchen and I LOVE your yard! Moving is super hard, I'm impressed with how put together your house is! You are superwoman! Congrats on the binkies, so bittersweet! Kirsten was the exact same age when she gave them up. We miss you, hopefully we get to see you over the summer!

Broughton said...

Your house looks so fun! I LOVE the backyard! And that was such a cute way to say goodbye to the pacifiers. Oh and good luck with potty training! Love you guys!

Tori said...

That is an awesome house! I am so happy for you. Kylie used to have that reaction to mosquito bites. Infact, I have a picture of Kylie that looks just like Brynne. We were given hefty dose of zyrtec that was prescription strength at the time. You can imagine what she looked like the evening she had 5 on her face. It looked like we had been beating the poor kid! She still has a pretty good reaction but we don't have nearly the mosquito population here as we did in NH....that helps :)
We miss you!