Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9 months

Some of the things we LOVE about our sweet 9 month old

- Eye lashes to die for!
- He purrs like a cat when he's happy
- Is great at playing if your happy and you know it
- Is starting to get back at his sister by pulling her hair every chance he gets
- shakes his head back and forth really fast when he's excited
- crawls like a little gorilla
- loves grown up food
- loves his parents
- is shy around strangers and will cuddle up next to whoever is holding hims shoulder if someone talks to him.
- wakes up happy from his naps and in the morning
- LOVES is purreed carrots
- Loves any toy that makes noise, especially grocery sacks
- will imitate a wave and a kiss
- Has a sad face I cannot resist and therefore he is spoiled and carried around most of the day
- weighing in at almost 20 1bs
- Has the most perfect tan complexion I am jealous of
- Loves patty cake
-hates it if I sit down at the computer with him and not let him "type."

We love ya tons Daner, so glad you are 9 months old today!

P.s. I realized today that when Brynne turned 9 months I was a couple of weeks pregnant with Dane...crazy!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

He is so handsome!! You have to post a pic of his sad face. I'm dying to see it. Happy 9 months Dane! :)