Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finished D.I. chair!

I have had this chair for months, I got it D.I. thinking it would be a easy project. I was wrong..I didn't know how hard lacquer was to sand off, and the wood on the seat frame was broken and stapled together, so luckily taylor was able to make a new one. Anyways we have had a few gorgeous sunny days where I could to go outside during naps to sand and paint. It looks so much better, I wish I had a before picture! The seat is made out of the curtains that came with our bedroom set because we only have one window and the set came with curtains for two...destiny.


Jana said...

it's DARLING!! good work :) i've had two chairs that i want to upholster on my to do list for a long time - you've just inspired me!!

Urban Trends said...

I love love love the chair!!

Megs said...

I love it! I love redoing old stuff--cause you can totally customize it to you, and it usually doesn't cost near as much as buying a new one! It just usually takes time though. It looks great!