Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One year of fun!

Brynnes Birthday song for Dane: "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday DANNNNER BOY!"
I love Brynne's extreme jealousy of Dane's new toy in this picture, haha!
Who's more excited about the shoes?

We took Dane to this lake when he was a few day's old last year, he had alot more fun this year! This is one of my favorite summer destinations in Utah, Payson Lakes.
Dane wishing he could jump off the dock like me and his sister.
walking around the lake

So tired after swimming all afternoon

The Angel Fish cake
School of cupcake fish

Some of the Broughtons and a Walker came over to celbrate Danes birthday. It was a great day!

Some of the things I want to remember about Dane at age 1.

- Scoots around using one arm and a one leg landing on his bum. Resembling a little chimp.
- Saids mama, dadda, nanna (banana or food), and uh oh.
- Loves dogs and makes a strange barking sound while bouncing up and down when he sees one.
- Is so excited to see who ever gets him out of his crib in the morning
- loves to swing, and this is the only time he will blow kisses
- Is great at giving high fives, and is very proud of himself after he gives someone one.
- when his sister takes a toy he has started getting up on his knees, putting his arms wide out, and screaming ferociously until Brynne gets freaked out, starts crying and gives the toy back. I think this is hillarious. This also makes me very nervous for all the future fights over toys that will happen.
- Has his top four teeth, and it looks like the bottom two are finally about ready to come in.
- Loves spaghetti and anything sweet
- is not a fan of me feeding him anything, wants to do it himself
- Is still a cuddler for short amounts of time
- wants to climb every stair in sight, but trys to dive back down them
- Favorite food must be dirt and rocks because he acts like he is starving when he sees them and dives right in if i'm not watching closely.
- likes his peace and quite at night
- thinks Brynne is a comedian and laughs at her all day
- favorite game is trying to stick his fingers, toys, bottle, binky, or anything he can find into his parents mouth

We love you Dane, you are such a sweet, fun, energentic little boy and we are so glad we got to have you a year ago today!



Broughton said...

So cute!! I did that same fish cake for Brooklynn's birthday, and I LOVE the school of fish!! Adorable!!!

Lindsey Christensen said...

Oh he is so cute! That cake was the coolest. I got the biggest kick out of his stolen toy defense. Too funny. Happy Birthday Dane!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Looks like such a fun day! Did you make the birthday banner? I love it and want one! Happy Birthday handsome little Dane!