Thursday, August 4, 2011

My thoughts during nap time

Random things on my mind I feel like writing about instead of cleaning the house

1. I'm excited about a huge picture frame I got at D.I. for $3 that I'm going to paint "global blue" to bring more color into my black and white front room...even if it will clash with my MAROON do you decorate around maroon, I am still trying to figure it out...on the same D.I. trip Taylor decided to buy a huge air hockey table, don't know how I feel about that, at least we have a basement.

2. I am loving having a potty trained Brynne. She has been going strong for a month and a half now with out many accidents, she made the drive to Lake Tahoe and back with out one accident! So what I learned about potty training is that it will NOT happen if you are casual about it. I couldn't get her trained until I decided to take her every half hour...EVERY half hour, even if I had to take her in the wal-mart. I think she had to realize that it was easier to go in the potty than have a mess to clean up...and get one of her "princess dresses" dirty. Also my mom was out the first week and she gets all the credit for keeping us consistent. I also learned that Brynne would do anything for gum and little dolls from the dollar store :)

3. I read THIS article that talks about how we should talk to little girls. She said that as a society whenever we see a little girl, we tell them how beautiful they look, and how cute their hair is etc. The point of the article is that if too much focus is put on a little girls looks at a young age, they will have less confidence feeling like the only thing that really matters are how she looks. This article has made me think about how important it is to also emphasize other accomplishments that are more important like sharing, or being sweet to her brother, as much or more than I compliment Brynne's hair clip or nail polish. Although, I think it still fine to let them know just how cute they are in moderation.

4. I couldn't sleep last night worrying about these two incidents! This world is a dangerous place! I took the kids to the park the other day and was letting Dane crawl around on the grass, when he started screaming his "I'm in real pain" cry! I picked him up and saw hornets flying all around him, he must have crawled over a nest! I thought hornets nests were in trees? Weird! He got stung 7 times!! It was terrible, once on his lip (which swelled up huge) several on his hand, some on his back, and stomach. Poor guy! The next day we went to get the kids pictures taken (The lip swelling was almost back to normal for the pictures thank goodness) and the kids were playing on the grass, our photographer came up to us and said that there was a big rattle snake 50 yards away! A rattle snake, that's a big deal! I just can't stop thinking about if we hadnt have found out it was there and just kept letting the kids run/crawl. Terrifying! What do I do now? Two days in a row my kids were hurt and in danger just because I let them play on seemingly harmless grass! Do I stop letting them play on grass now?

5. A average chocolate chip cookie has 200 calories. I had two. Running one mile burns 100 calories. I ran 3 miles yesterday, and it was HARD, but it still wasn't enough to burn off those cookies. Sigh!


Broughton said...

You are SO AWESOME that you run! You are my hero! I would totally be freaking out about the hornets and the snake. I would probably never let them on grass again, so scary! Oh and I can't wait to see you picture frame!

Sierra said...

Oh my goodness. How frightening! I honestly don't know what to do in that situation, but I can tell you this...there are some things we just can't control, and being near bees and wild animals are two of those things. Glad it wasn't too serious!!! So scary.

Tori said...

Can i just tell you how much we miss you! Yay for potty training, boo on bees and snakes. How scary. As for the burgundy couch? You ignore it and pretend it is the color you want until you can afford what you picture in your mind!

Oh, and way to run! I swear I saw you and Taylor a few nights ago running up that nightmare hill from the hollow. If it wasn't you, let's pretend it was....that way you are covered for an extra cookie! :)

Tori said...

Sorry: *MAROON*. :)