Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and Halloween Half

Brynne had SO much fun this year! But who wouldnt have fun in her costume!
Taylor and Dane have authentic German costumes that Taylor got when he was on his mission...I guess he was pretty confident he would have a son someday!
The first house!!

The pumpkin patch in Springville, we got our pumpkins on Halloween, it was a gorgeous 65 degree day!

This is the forced "say your sorry and give your brother a hug" hug.
(Hopefully this doesn't sound like I'm bragging, I'm just excited i'm done!) On Saturday I ran my first half marathon! It was such an anticipated day for me! I first decided to run a half marathon with my roommates in college but I chickened out about a month before the race, and have always regretted that decision! Then I was going to run one with my aunt in Chicago after Taylor and I got married, but I got pregnant.

In May my friend told me she was going to run one so I decided I would do it right this time! When I first started jogging in May I could barely run one mile! In July I started training on a schedule where I would run 4 days a week. Usually a 2 mile, and two 3 mile days, and then a long run that was 6-9 miles. It was hard, but Taylor was great at watching the kids, and that was a great incentive to go :)

I had the thought more that once where I felt like this experience related to the atonement. I had had several opportunities to run a half marathon before that I didn't take, it would have been a lot easier because I was in shape in college, had not had 2 children and everything that comes with that, and had all my time to myself. But I eventually took the chance to get it done, even though it was MUCH harder. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to really push myself and accomplish a long time goal!

It was a Halloween marathon so everyone wore costumes, it was a really fun atmosphere! It was from about 4 miles above Sundance down to the riverwoods in Provo along the Provo River. It was mostly downhill. I finished about 1/2 hour faster that I had thought I could, I am so thrilled to be done!

Thanks Taylor, Brynne, Dane, Kenny, and Andrea for coming to watch and the cool signs!


Broughton said...

Dione the kids look so cute in their costumes!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your run! You are so awesome for doing it!! Definitely my hero! =) Miss you guys!

Ashley A. said...

Dione!!! A half-marathon?? That is awesome! I would have bragged a lot more than that. :) I really am so impressed. Maybe someday I'll do one of those...

I LOVE Brynne's costume! That is so cute. Was it her idea? Taylor and Dane look adorable in their matching ones, too. We need to see each other again, soon. Miss you guys!