Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let it snow!

 December has been a rough month this year!  Taylor had finals and a interview for PA school in AZ the first couple of weeks, combined with strep throat and two slipped discs in his back it was stressful for us all!  Dane was throwing up multiple times a day for two weeks. I have had a cold and cough for a month and strep throat for a few days.  Brynne almost held out, but was sick only one day.  Pheww anyways after a sick month and missing lots of fun Christmas parties we are making the most of the last few days before Christmas and trying to get into the holiday spirit!
 One of the first snows of the year, it snowed about a foot of heavy snow.  The snow really weighed down the trees because the leaves were still on.  Most of the trees in our yard were really damaged.  Taylor got ready to go outside and knock the snow of the apricot tree and opened the back door right as this huge branch fell. We were all eating breakfast looking out the window as it happened and it sounded like thunder and all we could see was white for a minute or two.  I'm so grateful he wasn't a few seconds faster getting outside.  It fell on the power line and we were out of power for a few hours.  It also knocked over some of the fence, crushed all the tomato cages that were against the fence, and broke off one of the lines on the clothes line. Driving around our neighborhood that day looked like there had been a hurricane!  Luckily lots of people helped us clean all this up! Landlords, chain saws, Taylor,  the scouts, and my mom and I took many trips to the green trash lot!

 First time mini golfing, the kids had so much fun!

 So happy to put the Christmas tree up!  I love our Christmas tree, its covered randomly with all of Taylor and I's ornaments from growing up.  My favorite is one Tay made is school when he was about 7 with his adorable picture on it!  I love nostalgia. 

 Dane reminded me of my brother Chad this year, he wasn't about to pose for pictures!

 Dane LOVED santa and cuddled right up to him no problem.  He will probably get lots of presents from that guy this year!
 Brynne was super excited right up until it was time for her to get on his lap, but at the last second quickly told him she really wanted a unicorn pillow pet with lights, hopefully he heard her!

 We had fun acting out the nativity with Kenny and Andrea and Cade!  Dane especially CANNOT get enough of his little cousin and is constantly trying to hold and kiss him!
 If you think this pic is should see the video!

 We had a fun Christmas party at Brenna and Joes!  Ate a yummy dinner, played games, did a craft, and decorated ginger bread men!

 Lots of M and m's, thats what I'm talking about~
 Dane always throws up if he eats frosting so we had to moniter this event closely!
 We took a trip to temple square on thursday night, it was beautiful and magical...for a few minutes then it was just freezing at 18 degrees!  "What is this, Rexburg?"
We had a fun Joy school Christmas party where the kids acted out the nativity, sang the songs they had been practicing this month, handed out the presents they have been making, and ate the cookies that took us hours to bake :)  


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