Saturday, December 22, 2012

Were grateful for...

WE are grateful for...........

 ...Grandma B and the way she is so thoughtful and can always make Brynne laugh!
 ...Papa B and his generosity and elephant impersonation....
 ....grandma and papa McAffee and their excitement and willingness to get down and play with the kiddos! school new found pie crust recipe that has relieved my fears of baking pie
 ...Brynne and Dane J and oh how much more fun they make every holiday, and ordinary day for that matter!
 ...Dads, mine and my husbands love for their children ant their hard work and patience.  Also for the art of carving a turkey being past down.
 ...Papas rolls, especially shaped like the letter "B.".... For Brynne's smartness and how quickly she learns.
 ...for Dane's cute smile and the way he get's what he wants because he knows how to ask oh so politely with many pleases and forced smiles that he know will get ya every time!
...for walnut maple pie, pumkin pie, pumkin caramel pie, cherry pie, and banana dulce de leche pie! For the family that gathered at our home for thanksgiving, and for so so many blessing's in our life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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