Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can you believe its been 6 months!!??

Happy 1/2 year birthday Brynne!! You are 6 months today, and I cant believe it! Everyone saids "They grow so fast" and its true! This it what Brynne is up to at 6 months:

- Sitting up
- rolling over from stomach to back..she has rolled from her back to stomach but she wont do it because she hates to be on her tummy
- Eats anything she can get a hold of
- Officially eats rice cereal, peaches, carrots, beans, prunes, sweet potatoes,and pears. She doesnt like the rice cereal though...she gags but eventually gets it down.
- She LOVES to suck on ice.
- She is addicted to her feet. She likes wearing her shoes on sucking on those to!
- She says ma mamamama when she is whining, I know its just the sound she makes, but I love it.
- She holds her own bottle
- Is trying to get the hang of her sippy cup
- Knows who her mama and daddy are..but will usually still go to anyone who will hold her!
- babbles, smiles and laughs all the time!
- Loves her giraffe and elephant toys the best...except for maybe moms cell phone
- sleeps through the night only sometimes no matter how many books I read.
- Loves swimming and baths and showers!
- Has this little fake cough she does when she is excited
- shakes her head from side to side when she is excited
- blows raspberries constantly.
- she is starting to get into things...she was playing on the floor the other day and I came back and she had somehow gotten everything out of her diaper bag!
- Plays peek a boo (how do you spell that?)
- stays in her stroller for the whole walk..usually.
- loud noised scare her
- Bangs what ever she has in her hand on the floor or high chair.
- at the Dr. yesterday she was 19.2 lbs 95th percentile.
- Has grown a substantial Mohawk!
- Is wearing 9-12 months clothes
- enthralled with watching people
- loves singing time in primary, and she likes to distract the primary kids from the lesson.
- has so much fun being bounced on the trampoline with dad!


Ashley A. said...

Holy cow I can't believe she is 6 months! I liked reading that list about her. I still can't wait to meet her!

Downtown Browns said...

I can't believe how big they are! It just keeps getting more and more fun!:)

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Brynne you are so accomplished!!! The next six months go by even faster...she is so adorable!