Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great weekend minus the BYU loss!

We had a busy weekend, which was welcome after kind of a slow week! Sometimes on days I feel unaccomplished, I find myself looking at jobs on craigslist...then I find a job that looks great, and eventually I realize that I dont WANT to be away from my baby if we can manage it! Even though some days are full of lots of diapers and spit up and I stay in work out clothes the whole day, I realize I am way more happy with being a mom than I have ever been at any job!!

So anyways the weekend was great! On Thursday some friends came over for breakfast with their babies, then I took Brynne to story time at the library with her cousins, then I had lunch with Taylor, then I hung out with my brother, and there was a new hilarious Office on that night!

Friday Taylor got home early and we went to Salem Pond which is gorgeous, and we went to Tucanos for dinner because we had a half off birthday coupon. (Taylor told them it was my birthday and I had to play the tambourine in front of everyone, so embarrassing I was bright red, I'm not the type of person who wants to be center of attention like that!)

Then Saturday Brynne slept in till 10:00, so we got to sleep in a little to! That afternoon we went to the Utah state fair with Erica, Riley and the girls. There is something about eating $6 corn dogs at the fair :) Taylor rode a mechanical bull..he is a true city boy, but he was brave to try! I have a video I need to put up but for some reason its not letting me load..I"ll work on that.

Then sunday was the Primary program and we teach the 5-6 year olds. They were mostly good except Nathan kept taking his tie off and waving at the crowd with it and hitting himself in the head, and Cole kept shooting everyone in the audience with his bazooka (his arm pulled back in his jacket) But other than that..or maybe because of that it was a good, and entertaining program.


kalisarah88 said...

You guys are the cutest family! I cannot wait to meet Brynne! And I totally know how you feel about staying home with a baby and just how rewarding it is...Although there are times I think about how much fun it might be to go back to work. Then I'm like Naahh. :)

Brett and Amanda said...

Dione, i love your hair! it looks so fab! and brynne is just getting so grown up! they grow too fast!

Annie Macias said...

Brynne is an absolute doll! Gorgeous like her mom! We would love to hang out with you guys! That would be so fun! P.S. your dark hair looks great!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Ok, I love weekends like these! Thanks again for feeding us. It was so fun to see you and I can't wait for next weekend!