Monday, September 28, 2009

A very "man" day!

My dad flew out this weekend to go to the BYU game (well to see us, and stop by the game he says.) Kenny also hung out with us all weekend because the dentist Andrea works for took her whole office to Hawaii for 10 days, so Kenny was without his GF:) Saturday was such a good day filled with man activities and man food! We woke up Saturday and had biscuits and gravy (gravy for breakfast is surely a man thing.) Then we went on a drive up the Mt. Nebo loop, which is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, if you live anywhere close you should go. The colors were so pretty. Then we had sandwiches for lunch and headed to Provo, we stopped at Maceys and got ice cream. The one Taylor has in the picture is called the "Kong Kone" and it cost $1.29, quite the deal I think. Then we parked in our old apt complex because Taylor conned them into giving us a visitor pass, and walked to the stadium. It was a pretty fun game except Brynne was exhausted from having no nap, finally she fell asleep under our feet in the bleachers. We won a few t-shirts to! Then after the game we went home, had pizza, and watched a shoot-em-up spy movie. Thanks for coming out to visit Dad, we had a great time!!
p.s. I was looking at the picture of Taylor and I at the game and thought it was a good pic, until I realized the lady behind Taylors head has her fly down. Yikes! I wonder how many strangers pictures I'm in doing something completely awkward!



Chalice said...

Love the hair! Don't think i've seen you with dark hair before! As for the fly in the picture luckily it's where it can be cropped out!

kalisarah88 said...

Fun day!! You look beautiful Dione! (as always) :)

Annie Macias said...

You guys are so cute! What a fun day!

Dani said...

thank heavens for the crop tool right?! cute pics! i love the cheerleader outfit:)