Monday, July 26, 2010

24th of July

Our cute little town has its own parade on the 24th, it reminds me alto of all the Vernal parades I went to growing up with lots of horses and old cars, but nothing too exciting! It was fun though, our primary kids decorated their bikes and we were nominated to ride with them, Taylor made this cute little hand cart, and Brynne was a hit. After the parade I went and got a maternity massage that was amazing! There is this place in Spanish Fork called Primrose resort, and they are having a sale until the end of august, a hour massage was only $30! It was such a cute place, I ended up being there for 2 hours. They had me come early and you sit in the "relaxation" room, then I had my massage, then they have a sauna you can sit in for free, a nice shower, and this room filled with sand and some hammocks with vitamin d lights. They also had a room you could eat complimentary snacks. Anyways it was all very girly, but way nice! We went swimming later that day, and as you can tell nothing makes Brynne more happy than swimming. Multiple times a day she tries to get her swim suit on so we can go swimming somewhere!

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Jana said...

oooohhhh i want an hour long pregnancy massage... what a treat! do you think they'll do it even if i'm not pregnant? :)