Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June and July

Well, we had a little grape juice/camera accident so I am very sad we haven't taken pictures of our crazy busy summer so far! But I still wanted to write about the highlights so I can look back and remember.

-A few weeks ago we went camping at Flaming Gorge. I love that place because I grew up going there! We went with Matt and Stephanie Williams from our ward who are living in Vernal for the Summer. Their Grandparents have a cabin we got to stay in, so technically we weren't camping we were sleeping on a king sized bed. Fabulous. We fished, went to the dam, made tin-foil dinners, went on the dam tour, tried to keep Brynne from jumping in the water 24/7.

- We went to Rexburg for the fourth of July, this is my 7th year of being in Rexburg for the 4th! Great tradition! We went to the parade, had a delicous BBQ with Suzanne and Troy, saw my cousins, went to the green belt in I.F. for the fireworks (but left before the fireworks) Stayed with my Bff roommate from college, went to breakfast with Grandma and George, went swimming with Carrie and Justin at Lava hot springs. I was completely exhausted after this weekend!

- The Walker family reunion was this weekend so we got to see all of Taylors family. Erica and Riley stayed with us, Brynne absolutely loved having her cousins around all the time. I have been having a really hard time keeping her entertained with out them. We spent time with Taylors parents and Alex and Megan and girls. It was another great weekend!

- Now we are staying in the area waiting for this baby! I went to the Dr. the other day and I will be induced on Aug. 10th if I haven't had him yet.

- My new job is going great, I love it so far! I have a lot of responsibility and it keeps me busy, but its working out great with our schedules and it makes me happy to have a couple hours with a change of scenery. Hopefully it will stay that way after Dane is born. Oh yeah, we decided we are going to name him Dane J Broughton! Unless of course I go see the twilight movie and decide he needs to be a Jacob or a Edward, we will see.


Brett and Amanda said...

Dane! that's so cute! also, i'm so glad you blogged! also i'm SO excited for you to have your baby!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Sounds like you guys have had a fun busy summer! I wish I were closer so I could be there to hold Dane when he comes and bring you lots of yummy food. But hey, always medical school in Vegas right? You are going to try for UNLV again, yes? Miss you guys!
PS I really like Twilight, did you?